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About Us
Solid Geometry is a new structural engineering design consultancy formed by two highly experienced and creative structural engineers. Throughout their careers the founders have been responsible for delivering and leading some of the UK’s most high profile and successful building projects. Solid Geometry is built on the principles of integrated, holistic design with precise attention to detail in order to realize outstanding value. This is achieved through the expert use of technology and modelling, extensive knowledge of modern construction techniques and creative use of established methods to make clients’ and architects’ visions a reality.


We are skilled designers with 25 years experience in the design and construction of building and civil engineering structures in the UK and overseas. We have worked with leading consulting engineers on all types and size of building in all materials and have designed and managed major award winning building projects with world renowned architects.


Having a background in Architecture we are sensitive to the importance of aesthetics and planning and contribute positively to the broader design vision. Our strong interest in construction techniques and processes, together with our experience in multidisciplinary design ensures fully integrated buildable solutions.


Where we have upfront involvement and opportunity for early collaboration with the construction team we can bring significant reductions in build time and cost compared with commonplace ‘standard’ design and construction approaches. We like to be proactively involved with the team as early as possible.


Understanding the client’s requirements is essential to a successful design. We appreciate the importance of effective communication in construction and embrace a 3D model based approach to enable easy visualization and sharing of information and ideas. We do this on all sizes of project and find this hugely beneficial in terms of client understanding and project team coordination.


We believe in economic and sustainable design in the broadest sense. We work with low energy materials and environmental benchmarking where appropriate. For us it applies to all aspects of our work, from careful choice and analysis of structural forms avoiding unnecessary over-design and waste, to development of simple and appropriate details.
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